When I first ventured into the world of Base Jumping I was glued to YouTube watching the best in the business do incredible things. It has taken me over a year to be ready for my next step in the sport and two weeks ago I took it. I journeyed to a place in Asia that must remain unsaid for legal reasons and met up with my Base mentor Jimmy. He had been on location for a few days sorting out the logistics needed to pull off our intended jump. The building was 60 floors high, 5 star luxury and swarming with security. However, at dawn the morning after my arrival I took a run up across the roof and launched myself from terra firma into the sea side morning air. Plummeting down the visuals of balconies whipping by and the pools below me rushing up was heart stopping. I pitched and my canopy opened on heading and 45 seconds later I landed on the beach.

On my approach to landing security guards were racing around trying to figure out what the god almighty crack was echoing through the resort. Our canopies opening sounded like thunder and it had certainly given the residents and early wake up call. Upon landing we stuffed our parachutes into our bags and made our getaway to a waiting taxi, piling inside the driver asked, “Where you go?” We said in as calm a tone as we could, “Breakfast please." We drove away with security in the rear view mirror, Jimmy and I looked at each other and smiled. We had done it, we pulled off my first building jump and made it out alive.