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- Location: Argentina

- Height: 6961m

- Summit date: January 2011

Chapter 6 - Aconcagua and the Seven Summits

There is a very small ruined wooden hut just back from the ridge, I wandered over and poked my head inside. A dead climber wrapped in a silver foil blanket lay in front of me. 



- Location: Alaska

- Height: 6190m

- Summit date: June 2011

Chapter 7 - Denali

He had fallen straight through the snow bridge and as the rope pulled tight on his other three team mates they dove on their ice axes to arrest his fall. He was suspended in mid air below the snow inside the crevasse. 

Carstensz Pyramid

- Location: Papua New Guinea

- Height: 4884m

- Summit date: October 2011

Chapter 8 - The Machete or the Container 

He was wild with anger, slashing his machete on the ground and demanding one of us come out of our tents and surrender to him. In their culture it was simple, a life for a life, it was our fault they were up in the mountains so one of us needed to die.

Mount Elbrus

- Location: Russia

- Height: 5642m

- Summit date: Attempted 2011 - Did not summit

Chapter 9 - Elbrus 

“Its better to come to the mountains ten times and go home, than to come once and never go home.”  I lowered my head in defeat knowing he was right and as the tears formed in my eyes I turned my head back up to him and said, “Lets go down brother.”

Vinson Massif

- Location: Antartica

- Height: 4892m

- Summit date: January 2012

Chapter 10 - Vinson Massif 

In the distance pyramids of black stone rose sharply out from the whitest snow I had ever seen. The air was crisp, clean and cold as I breathed it in, I was sampling unpolluted minus 20 degree air for the first time. 

Mount Kilimanjaro

- Location: Tanzania

- Height: 5895m

- Summit date: October 2013

Chapter 11 - Kilimanjaro 

Every developing nation has its own particular smell and Africa was my favourite. It reminded me of my desert home hours before the monsoon rains. 

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