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Flying off Sajama 

- Location: Sajama National Park, Bolivia 

- Start Date: 8th September 2023 - 11th September 2023

- Height: 6542 metres

"Once on the summit at 6542m, we unpacked our gliders and started to set up. The wind was dead still for a long time, and with paragliding, this meant we would need to do a forward launch in order to take off. This wasn’t ideal as it meant a committing fast run down the summit slope towards a crevasse. Luckily, a soft breeze began to cycle through as the sun rose, allowing us to reverse launch. We got into position facing the wind and took off. Nine brutal hours to climb up, 20 minutes to fly down to the village where we had started three days before, avoiding a 6 hour descent.
From the highest point in Bolivia to the dusty valley floor, our first climb and fly mission was a success."


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