Luke Richmond

I grew up in the Northern Territory of Australia on various cattle stations and was educated via the school of distance education broadcast (homeschooling) from Mount Isa. I completed my High school in far North Queensland in a tiny Italian town called Ingham. Joining the Army at 17 gave me the discipline and world knowledge I was needing and serving my country overseas lit a fire of adventure in me that I have pursued until this day. I hit rock bottom in my early twenties succumbing to drug addiction but managed to set myself straight after finding a sweaty salvation in the Muay Thai training camps of Thailand. Since those demon days I have gone on to climb the highest mountain on 6 continents, brave -60 degree temperatures in Antarctica and been held captive in the jungles of West Papua. I have witnessed death before my eyes on the highest peaks and have healed my mind with an ocean row across the Atlantic setting a new world record. In my most recent expedition I dragged a cart containing all of my food and water across 1800 km of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia becoming the first Australian male to do so. I have found comfort in suffering while on adventures and it feels as if I have lived ten lifetimes yet I am only just getting started.