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We have just returned from Nepal and completed a fantastic Everest Base Camp trek with my good mate Dean Cardinale from World Wide Trekking. It was Elise’s first trip to the Himalaya and I hadn’t been back in almost 10 years so it was incredible to get back in the mountains. We scouted out two peaks that we will plan to summit next year and I would like to Base Jump from them as well. We met the Sherpa team who would be joining us on this ambitious project and I cannot wait to get back there. We have lots of logistics to plan and I need plenty of jump training but I know we can pull it off. - World Wide Trekking

Book Update

The final proof read is almost complete, cover design is finalised and pre-sales have begun in Australian and New Zealand bookstores. Early release printed copies will be available early January through the website.

Chapter 9 – Carstensz Pyramid

‘The porters took turns chopping the bottom of the tree and within thirty-five minutes they had carved it down to a precariously thin base and then took smaller more precise chops at the side facing the river. The sound of splintering timber sent the porters running for cover as the big tree trembled and hung in the air for a split second as if suspended in time. It then began to fall, slowly at first, and then building up speed it fell across the river and shook the ground under our feet as it struck the earth and settled deep into the muddy bank on the other side’

Training - Patience

The recent trip to Base Camp was a really good experience for me because it taught me one thing, patience. When I first visited the Himalaya I was young, strong and would ascend the Khumbu valley as fast as my feet would carry me. I would suffer altitude sickness but would just shake it off as weakness and carry on. This time however I was carrying a knee strain and had to move slowly to avoid the discomfort. This let my body acclimatize much better, and I was able to take in my surroundings more than I had when I was 23. We completed our objective, returned safely, my knee had actually recovered and I saw things I had missed when my head was down and charging up the valley.

Take this lesson into your training this week, have patience, be smart with your programming and put ego to the side. I guarantee that you will still achieve your goals, stay injury free and the journey will be a lot more enjoyable.

Soi Sauce Podcast

Elise and I have released a Podcast which is available now on Itunes, totally free and titled Soi Sauce. This podcast will share the stories of Soi Tad-ied, the “fitness street” in Phuket. The first two episodes are up, have a listen and give us your feedback.

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